The portal to help the integration of migrants is born

A portal,, is born to help migrants in particular difficult conditions and to support their journey along the difficult path of integration. And with the aim of developing the culture of tolerance and acceptance and the rejection of racism. The initiative was born in Palermo by the voluntary organization “First the last ones. No one is a foreigner ”, a non-profit organization of the Third Sector, founded and chaired by the journalist Rino Canzoneri. The portal, dynamic, continuously updated, follows two fundamental guidelines: “to give information to migrants on the opportunities and services dedicated to them in the area and to represent the difficulties and emergencies of people, among the weakest and most fragile of our society, with the ‘goal of involving the most sensitive citizens to help out. Because only with a network of associations, individuals and institutions can truly important answers and problems be solved “.

A series of associations, bodies and organizations dealing with migrants in various capacities have been surveyed. It has made some cards explaining what they do and what you can contact them for. Also indicating the managers, the days and hours of reception, telephone numbers and contact emails. The result was a map that did not exist because often these subjects do not communicate or do it marginally and are not online, so that we do not know what the other is doing. The goal was to give them greater visibility, thus giving more and more migrants the opportunity to request their interventions.

This information concerns different sectors: from health (the clinics where you can be visited and make diagnostic tests) to economic assistance (the interventions of the State, Region and Municipality to which they are entitled) and legal (residence permits, what to do for the family reunification, to obtain citizenship, etc.), to Italian schools where you can learn the language. Furthermore, information is given on help for the home, on available internships, on the skills and jobs that migrants know how to do, and any other information that may be useful and of service.

The association that manages the portal is also asking citizens for a helping hand, “in the awareness that only joint action can contribute to solving many problems and be truly incisive. Our initiatives and the resources we have are certainly not sufficient to address such a far-reaching phenomenon, “they say. “There are interventions that require financial resources, but many others that only require you to make some of your time available, such as those to act as a support family for young refugee women with small children who need safe driving or young people who need a mentor to better orient themselves in the construction of their future – they explain – In both cases, without binding commitments, you do what you can, your experiences and skills must be made available, the relationships of which you disposes, a willingness to listen to understand and give suggestions and advice, which can be useful to people who do not know well the mechanisms of the functioning of the society that hosts them. In short, they should not be left alone “.

You can help a talented boy or girl to get a degree, fund a professional course, which increases the chances of finding a job, or the course to get a driver’s license, and much more. The portal explains in detail everything the association does and what citizens can do, if they are willing to help. There are many more or less serious situations. Just choose at least one and experience beautiful emotions as migrants have achieved the results for which time or money has been spent. You can make a donation to the association to support the initiatives it carries out or choose what to do and how to support the recipient you want to help, in a sort of “adoption of closeness”. You know the person you want to pay attention to and you can also have a friendly relationship with her, see for yourself the results that are gradually achieved. Volunteers of the association will always be present as facilitators in the relationships that are created, they will advise and support in everything, also trying to make the matches that are most likely to succeed.

And finally it must be said that these encounters “often give rise to wonderful emotional relationships. And this is testified by the fact that those who have lived this experience of encountering the other, with the different from us, say that” in giving to others, they have always received more than he gave “.

There are many other initiatives included in the portal. There is the section dedicated to major projects that could be carried out if supported by wealthy donors (availability of accommodation, work, scholarships, baby parking), the one where the beautiful stories of hospitality are told, another with book reviews that deal with migrants, and yet another where editorials are published in which a position is taken on the migratory phenomenon.

“We are convinced that a help, a small gesture can change a person’s life, give him dignity, autonomy and allow him to face the many difficulties in a foreign country that is often hostile to him. Doing good to others means doing good first of all. to themselves, it makes us feel useful and proud for having saved someone from misery and poverty and for having contributed to giving them a life free from need. work more easily, to integrate. And this gives us extraordinary sensations. It gives meaning to life, which cannot be made only of material things, from accumulating money, from thinking only of ourselves, while people close to us are also deprived of the bare minimum to live, for the mere fact of being born in the wrong place “, they explain from the portal.