The possible lineup of Elio e le Storie Tese in Trento

The Elio and the Tense Stories they are back on tour. In the evening of Friday 27 OctoberThe I’m only missing a tooth and I’m trying to screw it back in again arrives at Santa Chiara Auditorium Theater in Trento.

Unwelcome return

Unwelcome return“: this is how Elio and Storie Tese announced their return. “A story of extraordinary strength and truth”, “The great classics reconfirmed”, “Unhappy in our own way”, “Incredible news? Let’s stop and reflect”: these are the claims, like newspaper shouts, reported on the tour poster. Every day, countless times, the group found itself facing the following question: “When will you play together again?”. response to this pressing curiosity, they chose to come together in an authentic project, with the creative guidance of the director Giorgio Gallionehave announced their long-awaited tours I only have one tooth left and I’m trying to screw it back in. What should we expect from their live performances? A complete immersion in the most famous songs of their career, but also an “out of the ordinary and thoughtful” analysis of the Italian panorama, with 2023 as a backdrop, in which jargon, humor, surreal touches and absurd thinking combine to paint a portrait extravagant and current of Italy. This is what Gallione explained. The songs of Elio e le Storie Tese present colorful characters, from trainers of marine animals to less than virtuous politicians, up to farmers poised between organic and transgenic. The shows will not be simple concerts, but real theatrical performances.

The ladder

There official lineup of the Elio concert and the stories tensed in Trento it was not released. However, it is very likely that it will follow the release order of the rest of the tour:


The land of persimmons

Elio arrives

Men with wallets (girl making out alone)

Super young

The balsa-footed calf

Transgenic Waltz

Pork & Cindy


The madness of women

Sempione Park


Gimmi I.

Story of a dude

The balsa-footed calf reprise


Born to be Abraham

Until we meet again

Out Into the Daylight

Rolling shutter