The possible lineup of Elodie’s concert in Florence

Elodieon Tuesday evening December 5th, will take the stage at the Mandela Forum for the last date of his tour, awaiting the grand finale at the Forum d’Assago in Milan on 9 December. Even in the Florentine palace, the concert is sold-out.

Elodie in Florence

The shows we’ve been to in recent weeks Elodie has accustomed us, they seem to come from a distant world. She herself seems to come from a distant world. AND free, Elodie. In her looks, in her attitude. In her messages that praise peace, freedom, social equality. She shouts those messages from the stage. She projects them on the LED walls. She brings them on stage in her dances, and in her words. The result? A show full of music and reflections. The same one that the sold-out Mandela Forum will be able to admire on Tuesday 5 December. The scenario will be composed of a main stage divided into various levels and a second stage equipped with a LED wall raised by a mobile platform, connected to the first by a long walkway. Eleven i dancers of the dance troupe, while the musical component is entrusted to one band composed of eight talented musicians. After the first songs taken from Okay. Breathe, there will be space for Elodie’s most famous hits. In a crescendo of energy, made even more explosive by ever-changing looks.

The ladder

The official lineup of Elodie’s concert at the Mandela Forum in Florence has not been released. However, it is possible that she will not stray far from the concert at the Forum d’Assago in Milan:

Purple in the sky

Danse la vie


Guarana / Black Bali

Okay. Breathe



American Woman

Think bad


With the headlights off

Red Light





Far from here

The devil’s tail

Never again



A magical love story


Crazy music


Bath at midnight