The possible lineup of Emma Marrone’s concert in Rome

Souvenirs from Club: this is the name of the Emma’s tour, which left from the historic Vox in Nonantola (Modena) on 10 November and has now arrived in Rome. The singer from Salento is expected at Largo Vegue Wednesday 15 Novemberafter a first performance on Monday 13th.

Emma’s tour

Powerful, rebellious, imbued with political messages and driven by an irrepressible passion: Emma, ​​in Nonantola, staged an essential and authentic concert. “I’m not the best: I’m Emma,” she began. To then explain, after the performance, that all that matters to her is being authentic. “What matters in life, in the period of battles between fandoms to see who is better, is be yourself“. In the first concerts of this new tour, Emma sang, danced, even cried. “I need to dream here, rock is an attitude and I am the most punk rock grunge in Italy”, she explained.

After Rome, Emma will be:

  • at the Padua Hall on 22 and 23 November;
  • at the Magazzini Generali in Milan on 26, 27 and 29 November;
  • at Cap10100 in Turin on 2, 3 and 5 December;
  • at the Duel Club of Pozzuoli on 11 and 13 December;
  • at Demodè in Modugno on 17 and 18 December;
  • at the Viper in Florence on 21 and 22 December.

The ladder

There official lineup of Emma’s concert at the Largo Venue in Rome it was not released. However, it is likely that it will not differ much from the setlist of the concert on November 13th, which took place in the same location:

Let’s start from the end

Wrong Leo ascendant

Short hair

Living meat



Half the world

Medley (I am beautiful, I forget everything, Love me)

Medley (Every time it’s like this, In every corner of me, It’s not hell)


Dog love

Medley (Alibi, Love is not enough for me, Deep eyes)

Medley (Fortuna, My city, I was looking for love)

Taxi on the moon