The possible lineup of Laura Pausini’s concert in Turin

Laura Pausini’s World Tour is among the most anticipated musical events of 2024. As it was for the last months of 2023. After vFriday 12th, the artist – born and raised in Italy but with worldwide fame – is expected for the second live at the Pala Alpitour in Turin Saturday 13 January, for a concert that promises emotions.

The return tour

For five long years, Laura Pausini has waited for this moment. She prepared for the new tour for a long time, she studied a lot. After all, music evolves. And you need to keep up. Hence, the idea of #Laura30: three performances in three cities, in the space of 24 hours, followed by two previews in the squares of Venice and Seville. And then, from an infinite sequence of dates that will take her to Madison Square Garden in New York on April 6th. Laura’s promise? Making people smile and cry at the same time, for two hours that celebrate music. Songs, 37are enclosed in three acts. And they will see hits from the past alternate with new songs from Parallel souls.

The ladder

The official lineup of Laura Pausini concerts in Turin was not revealed. However, it is likely that the artist will bring songs from previous dates to the stage:

The first step on the moon
A good start
All the time/Half-sentences/I sing/A love emergency
Celeste / Our daily love / Before us
Stay listening
I sing
Parallel souls
Between you and the sea
As if it had never been love
Early Spring (It Is My Song)
And I’ll come back to you
Clear / Surrender / With music on the radio
It is not said / Right side of the heart / I have never stopped / in the absence of you (it’s not goodbye)
The things that you live
I do (Seen)
Live me
Sister Earth
But no
Strange loves
The first step on the moon (reprise)