The possible lineup of the Ligabue concert at the Rds Stadium in Genoa

Monday 13 November, Ligabue’s tour Dedicated to us stops at the RDS Stadium in Genoa. Here the rocker from Correggio will bring his greatest hits to the stage, but also songs from the new album.

The desire to surprise

On each date, in the same location or in different locations, Ligabue will give the public one different lineup. The reason? He explained it himself: “There are surprises that I like to leave as such: I would still like to offer people the chance to surprise themselves.” The rocker doesn’t like his fans knowing exactly what to expect, because they read the setlist from the day before. Obviously, this is more expensive and takes up more time and energy, but it is certainly more enjoyable for the viewer.

After Jehovah, Ligabue’s tour will touch:

  • Modigliani Forum, Livorno (16 November)
  • Palazzo dello Sport, Rome (18 and 19 November)
  • Pala Sele, Eboli (21 and 22 November)
  • Pala Florio, Bari (24 and 25 November)
  • Palasport, Reggio Calabria (27 and 28 November)
  • Palarescifina, Messina (30 November and 1 December)

The ladder

There official lineup of the Ligabue concert at the RDS Stadium in Genoa was not communicated. However, it is possible to take as a reference the setlist of the concert on November 11th at the Forum di Assago in Milan (the songs will be predominantly the same, but proposed in a different order):

The word “love”

This is my life

Let’s dance on the world

There half of the apple

Little Star without sky

Everyone wants to travel in first gear

The best is yet to come

At least I think so

You come and you go

The one you are not

I wouldn’t trade this life for any other

It’s not time for us

Your way

Marlon Brando is always him

Letter to G.


What time is the end of the world?

You were beautiful

Happy hour

Between stage and reality

Some nights


Dedicated to us

Screaming at the sky