The possible lineup of the Ligabue concert in Padua

The Ligabue tour 2023 continues. On Friday 27 and Saturday 28 October, the rocker from Correggio arrives at the Padova Fiere Arena for two evenings of fun.

Timeless successes and new hits

On October 9th the Arena di Verona kicked off tour of Ligabue in the arenas from all over Italy. A way to reconnect with people, but also to promote the new album Dedicated to us. This album was born from a need: to rediscover the “us”. The us understood as a couple, as a family, as people united around common ideals. An us out of time, out of fashion, out of place. Just how the Liga defines itself.

In his concerts, Ligabue is bringing the singles that made him (more than) famous. But also six songs taken from Dedicated to us. There will be Some nights And Screaming at the skythere will be more sought after pieces like It will be a nice souvenir or Lambrusco & popcorn. With a different order, one concert on the other. And with some surprise for the fans.

After Padua, Ligabue’s tour will touch:

  • Stadium, Rimini (30 October)
  • Altarpiece Prometeo, Ancona (3 and 4 November)
  • Pala Barton, Perugia (6 and 7 November)
  • Mediolanum Forum, Milan (10 and 11 November)
  • Stadium, Genoa (13 and 14 November)
  • Modigliani Forum, Livorno (16 November)
  • Palazzo dello Sport, Rome (18 and 19 November)
  • Pala Sele, Eboli (21 and 22 November)
  • Pala Florio, Bari (24 and 25 November)
  • Palasport, Reggio Calabria (27 and 28 November)
  • Palarescifina, Messina (30 November and 1 December)

The ladder

The official lineup of Ligabue’s concerts in Padua has not been released. However, in all likelihood it will not differ much from the setlist of the concert in Brescia last October 24th:

Just the way you are
This is my life
Let’s dance on the world
Half of the apple
Little Star without sky
The one you are not
You will laugh
Free us from evil
The “kids” are around
Your way
Tonight more than ever
Everyone wants to travel in first gear
The best is yet to come
Letter to G.
You come and you go
Marlon Brando is always him
It will be a nice souvenir
happy hour
Between stage and reality
Dedicated to us
Some nights
Screaming at the sky