The possible lineup of the Pooh concert at the Palaflorio in Bari

The first time i Pooh they performed at Bari it was December 2, 1972. Now, seven years after the last tour, the group returns to the Apulian capital with its Friends forever live 2023. Two evenings, on October 18th and 19thto access the Palaflorio of legendary successes.

Pooh’s love for Puglia

“I love this land,” Red Canzian said. “Bea, my wife, from South Tyrol, for our honeymoon she wanted us to come to Puglia too”. Canzian often goes to Sevelletri, or to Bari, Taranto, Gallipoli. “I find this to be a land kissed by Godlong and narrow, changes from its north to the south: the Gargano to the north, Salento to the south, two different worlds”. Dodi Battaglia instead recalled the summer 1979 concert to the Mazzola sports field in Taranto. When, due to incessant rain, Pooh stopped the concert. And they recover it the next day, with a free live event open to all. After all, his Emilia Romagna is twinned with Puglia. In Emilia Romagna there are many Apulians who study, work and have started a family. While many Emilian artists have established real liasons with Puglia: Dodi with Bitonto, Vasco Rossi with Castellaneta Marina and so on.

The setlist of the Pooh concert in Bari

The official lineup of Pooh concert in Bari it was not released. However, the release order of the songs could be the same as the last concerts:

Friends forever
I will sing for you
Stay with me
Rolling breathing
Endless days
Where the sun begins (Part I)
Where the Sun Begins (Part II)
The eagle and the hawk
The last night of hunting
Eleonora my mother
Time, a woman, the city
My friend’s woman
The other woman
Being without you
Live in the wind
The two of us in the world and in the soul
My woman
The year, the place, the time
You and me for more days
Infinite us
Parsifal, part 1
Parsifal, part 2
come outside
In silence
When a she goes away
I will be born with you
Little Katy
Big hopes
The boy from the sky
Letter from East Berlin
On the other side
Where were you
Orient express
Surprise night
Looking for you
I will think tomorrow
Incredibly down
Wings to see, eyes to fly
Maria Marea
40 springs
Just rumors
Lonely men
I’m alive
We are in danger
So much desire for her
Just give me a minute
If there is a place in your heart
Tell me yes
Who will stop the music