The possible lineup of Tommaso Paradiso’s concert at the Assago Forum in Milan

Tommaso Paradiso’s tour continues Tommy 2023. The appointment is for Tuesday November 28 to the Assago Forum in Milanfor a completely sold-out evening.

The return of Tommaso Paradiso to the Assago Forum

With TheGiornalisti, Tommaso Paradiso performed many times at the Assago Forum: they debuted on May 12, 2017, they presented Pamplona with Fabri Fibra. However, November 28, 2023 marks his day first time at the Forum as a soloist. A first time that she sees him more aware, more mature, more ready to enjoy everything that comes to him. “I’ve changed, and my musical conscience has changed too,” he said during an interview with MiTomorrow. On stage, together with him, the Baustelle (“I particularly wanted to have them with me: I’m not someone who follows fashions or the rules of streaming, I only like to work with those I respect and they are among them”). On Saturday 2 December Tommaso Paradiso will be at PalaCatania, on Wednesday 6 December at Torino Pala Alpitour.

The ladder

There official lineup of the Tommaso Paradiso concert at the Forum d’Assago in Milan it was not released. However, it is likely that it will not differ much from the zero date of last November 16th in Rome:

Amazing feeling
Journey around the sun
End of the summer
Your sweater mine
New York
Between the road and the stars
Sold out
The moon and the cat
Overwhelming ice blue
When the wind picks up
Every night
This stupid love song of ours
remember me
Our years
Dr. House
Protect this boy of yours
Single room ft. Franco126
Do not be afraid
Son of the sea