The powerful proof that Daniela Aránguiz is still linked to Mekano, more than 15 years after the success of Mega

The model and influencer Daniela Aranguiz She is one of the most followed women on social networks for her beauty and talent but also for the controversies she stars in. In recent days, the Zona de Estrellas panelist shot at the Big Brother participant, Constanza Capelli, who claimed to have had an affair with Jorge Valdivia.

The truth is Daniela Aranguiz He has earned love and hatred in his career on television and precisely with the journalist Sergio Rojas he has crossed paths on more than one occasion. But the surprise is that now the panelist from Me Late and her colleagues praised the good vibes that the model has on the recording set and revealed how she is still linked to Mekano.

the reality show Mekano was the one that led to Daniela Aranguiz to fame almost two decades ago and apparently the influencer has her cabals to continue succeeding. Sergio Rojas gave details about how the recent meeting between them was and he did it on the program ‘Que te lo digo’ that is broadcast on Instaram.

“We were there recording Me Late with Antonella Ríos, with Cathy Barriga, and I told Cathy ‘don’t go passing her the clothes of the Mekano‘. Because Daniela is still wearing the same clothes, the same dungarees, the same mini. Because there she arrived very face of cuica “said Sergio Rojas about Daniela Aranguiz.

Daniela Aranguiz. Source: Terra archive

“We were recording when suddenly some tacos were heard entering the studio, we all stared, he stood on the side of the set and watched. I see Sergio, I see DanielaI said ‘the broom will stay here’, added Luis Sandoval in the conversation and commented: “When we finished recording, doing our whole show, Daniela enters the studio, greets Antonella, then greets Sergio Rojas, Daniel, me and Cathy Barriga. Super lady, super nice and very cool that she went to say hello one by one”.