The presenter is in tears for all to see: what happened

The beloved presenter ends up in tears before everyone’s eyes: very few will imagine what exactly happened, the details.

This is the key to the success of the beloved TV presenter: transparency! Debuted on the small screen when she was just a little girl, the young woman easily got everyone in agreement enough to create, in a real blink, an impressive career. There are many programs she has conducted and equally different are the colleagues with whom she has had to deal and with whom she has formed a very strong bond!

Conductor in tears. Credits: Rai Play

Very popular both on the small screen and on its official social channel, the tv presenter could not help but make its large audience participate in a moment of weakness: it ended in tears before everyone’s eyes. To arouse this moment of emotion, it was not anything serious at all, but a painful ‘goodbye’.

He bursts into tears in front of everyone: emotional image, what happened

If two beloved faces of the show fought some time ago and have never reconciled enough to commit a shock gesture on social media, Roberta Capua and Gianluca Semprini it would seem that they have managed to create an excellent bond. Conductors of Summer live for the second consecutive year, it would seem that a relationship has been established between the two that goes beyond the television context. On the other hand, the two shared several hours of live broadcast, it is more than normal that they have become friends. And this shot shared on social networks a few hours ago, gives us full confirmation.

After exactly three months from their second edition of Summer Live, Gianluca Semprini and Roberta Capua have left the helm to Alberto Matano. In fact, starting from Monday 5 September, the TV presenter – who lived a summer full of love with her husband – will return with Live Life. The two faces of the Rai program, therefore, greeted their audience, but did not miss the opportunity to be able to exchange sweet gestures as evidence of their affection.

As soon as the live broadcast ended, Roberta Capua returned to social media. She and she showed the eyes of all his followers what happened behind the scenes of Summer Live: the presenter is burst into tears! “Friend and companion in adventure”, says the photo in question with Gianluca Semprini as they wrap themselves in a warm goodbye hug. Their adventure is, at least for the moment, over, but we are sure that their friendship will continue!

conductor tears eyes
Roberta and Gianluca Instagram. Credits: Instagram

An image that reaches everyone’s heart, this tender embrace between Roberta Capua and Gianluca Semprini. And which, above all, underlines the relationship of friendship and deep esteem that exists between them. Would you like to see them again at the helm of Summer Live?