The private life of Marco Liorni: who is his wife and how many children he has

Marco Liorni is a beloved conductor, but do you know everything about his private life? Who is his current wife and how many children he has.

There is no chain reaction without it Marco Liorni! Confirmed at the helm of the Rai Uno game show for the fourth consecutive year, the very nice Roman is one of the most popular faces of the Italian small screen. It may be due to his incredible sympathy, but also ruthless professionalism, the fact is that the good Liorni is really much loved.

Do you know everything about Marco Liorni’s private life? Credits: Rai Play

After his studies, Marco Liorni immediately begins to cultivate his passion for the world of entertainment. First on the radio and, later, on the small screen, he makes his TV debut with Verissimo as a correspondent. Since then, his career has literally taken off. Host of many successful programs, but also correspondent and much more, the good Liorni represents a beloved face of the Italian show. But if we know everything about his career, the same can be said of his private life? Maybe not everyone knows, but Marco Liorni has been happily married since 2014. If we recently told you about everything about Vasco Rossi’s wife, we can’t help but tell you everything we know about Liorni’s beautiful wife.

Marco Liorni, private life: who is his wife

You too are ready to know everything about private life of Marco Liorni? We’ll think about it! Currently, the famous conductor has been happily married to Giovanna Astolfi since 2014. From what we learn from the web, however, it would seem that this is by no means the good Liorni’s first marriage. In fact, the Roman conductor was already married in the past, becoming a father for the first time.

What do we know about Marco Liorni’s wife? Unfortunately, little and nothing! Not at all inclined to share couple shots on social media, it would seem that the conductor wants to preserve his privacy. What we do know, however, is that the lucky one is called Giovanna and that she has nothing to do with the world of TV.

How many children does she have?

Marco Liorni is the father of three children. His firstborn was born of his first marriage. And, apparently, she hasn’t always had an idyllic relationship with him. His second and third born, however, were born from the marriage with Giovanna.

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Credits: Rai Play

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