The private life of Pio and Amedeo: who are their wives and how many children they have

Pio and Amedeo are a formidable couple on Italian television, but what do we know about their private life? The wives and how many children they have.

Are you ready to have a laugh? After the last one hosted in Amici’s studio, Pio and Amedeo will return to cheer the dear audience of Maria De Filippi, but above all of C’e Posta per Te.

What do we know about the private life of Pio and Amedeo? Photo Source: Instagram

Several years have passed since Pio and Amedeo, together with his brother, were guests of C’e Posta per Te and asked Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez to be able to help the boy on his wedding day, but now they are ready to make their return. Together with Lorenzo Insigne, the Apulian comic duo will also be guests of the episode of È posta per te on Saturday 19th February. And, knowing their energy and sympathy, we are sure that we will see some really good ones. While waiting to know who their mail will be sent to, let’s find out more about them together. For example, what do we know about them private life? Everyone loves Pio and Amadeo, but few know this aspect of their life. Are you ready to learn more too?

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Pio and Amedeo, private life: who are their wives

Although they are very loved and very popular, especially on their social channels, not everyone knows perfectly well private life of Pio and Amedeo. During the ‘Emigratis’ program, we have seen the comic duo address a lot of appreciation to girls from all over the world, but is there anyone who has actually stolen their heart? Absolutely yes!

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Perhaps not everyone knows, but Pio D’Antino is happily married to Cristina Garofalo. By profession a model, the very young Apulian moved very early to Milan to pursue her passion for fashion. And, years later, she has managed to build a fairly solid career. She not only participated in Miss Italy, but she also managed to reach the Veline final. Cristina and Pio met when they were very young and have never left since. Finally, in 2016 they became parents of little Chiara.

Pio amedeo private life
Photo Source: Instagram

What do we know, however, of Amedeo Grieco’s private life? He too, as well as his colleague and friend, is married to Maria Finizio. Having met them too from a very young age, the couple got married in great secrecy. And, respectively 7 and 4 years ago, he saw the fruit of his love for him born: Federico and Alice.

Pio amedeo private life
Photo source: instagram

They make really beautiful couples, do you agree?