The private life of Stefania Sandrelli: the former ‘famous’ and the story with Giovanni Soldati

Stefania Sandrelli is a beloved actress, but do you know her private life? Who are the former ‘famous’ and her current partner.

It would seem that Mara Venier has decided to give her audience totally unforgettable episodes of Domenica In. After the debut appointment a little less than a week ago that saw Loretta Goggi talk about herself at 360 degrees, the ‘aunt of Italy’ is ready to interview one of the greatest Italian actresses. Let’s talk about her: Stefania Sandrelli!

Comrade Stefania Sandrelli. Credits: Rai Play

According to what is learned from the advances leaked by TV Blog, it would seem that this second appointment on Domenica In, which will air with the first episode of this edition of Amici, will be full of totally unmissable guests. As usual, a lot of space will be given to news and news – dedicating a lot of time to Queen Elizabeth and her funeral, scheduled for a few hours later – but also to music and entertainment.

In addition to Franco Ricciardi and Andrea Sannino – authors of a sensational novelty this year – Stefania Sandrelli will be in the Roman television studio. While waiting to find out what she will tell the hostess, you are curious to know something more about her private life? Let’s start from the past and, therefore, from his ‘famous’ exes to his current partner: what you need to know.

Stefania Sandrelli’s private life

Stefania Sandrelli is one of the greatest Italian actresses. She became known by the local public from a very young age, she easily caught the attention on herself, riding the crest of the wave in a real blink of an eye. Her career is immense and it would be really difficult for us to summarize it in a few lines, but what do we know about her private life? Before you even find out more about your current partner, here’s what you need to know about all of her ‘famous’ exes.

When she was very young, Stefania Sandrelli met Gino Paoli and fell madly in love with him. From their relationship, Amanda was born, the couple’s only daughter. Closed this parenthesis of her life that has made a lot of talk, the actress is married in 1972 with Nicky Pende, an esteemed surgeon who made her the mother of her second child Vito of hers. Unfortunately, the marriage with the good Pende also ends. It is precisely on the set of ‘Novecento’ that Stefania Sandrelli meets the legendary Gerard Depardieu, starting a relationship with him.

Finally, since 1983, Giovanni Soldati has been a steady couple.

Who is your current partner?

After all these unsuccessful relationships, Stefania Sandrelli found her happiness next to her current partner Giovanni. Son of the writer and director Mario Soldati, he too has followed in the footsteps of his father. After university, in fact, he began to work as an assistant director until he became a very important name in this world.

How did Stefania and Giovanni meet? According to what is learned from the web, the two met several years ago, but as friends. On the set of ‘You and I’, as told by the person directly interested in Today is another day, they understood that their relationship went beyond this. It was exactly 1983 and since then they have never left.

Just recently, on the pages of the weekly Oggi, the beloved actress said that she is not experiencing an easy moment in her life as a couple with her partner. The two, apparently, would be going through a moment of severe crisis. “Maybe he’s tired of being too demanding a woman, of being Sandrelli’s man”, he said. Explaining that, even if they break up, the actress always wants her partner.

stefania sandrelli private life
Stefania Sandrelli. Credits: Youtube

Will you follow his interview on Sunday in? We have no intention of losing it.