The project for the Delphinia Sports Center in Caivano, sport to restart

The goal is to close the works on May 31, 2024

The redevelopment project of the former Delphinia Sports Center in Caivano was presented today in the Sala Verde of Palazzo Chigi. The recovery of the sports facility, already approved by the Government Commissioner, is part of the extraordinary plan of infrastructural interventions and redevelopment, envisaged by the Meloni government, of the territory of the Municipality of Caivano. Sport and Health with the President and CEO Marco Mezzaroma and Diego Nepi Molineris officially presented the project to the press, in the presence of the Undersecretary of State at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Alfredo Mantovano, of the Minister for Sport and Youth, Andrea Abodi and the Extraordinary Government Commissioner, Fabio Ciciliano.

The redevelopment of the Caivano sports center has as its objective connection, the creation of spaces not for kids, but of kids. The young people here feel part of a project, they recognize themselves, they respect the process, they take care of it and they do it themselves. A sustainable project, created to connect both with the Green Park and with the city center, which is about two kilometers away, also through the desirable creation of pedestrian and cycle connections. A space to be together, share, create community and illuminate the future of Caivano. The identification of an ‘Ordinating Axis’, in relation to the orthogonal arrangement of the structures of the sports facility, and inspired by the centuriation of the territory in Roman times, clearly and certainly defines the entrance route from the car park to the Sports Center through the park , creating different areas of use. The route, adequately equipped, will welcome | citizens, athletes and otherwise. The creation of specific cycle-pedestrian connections between the surrounding areas and the city center will make reaching the Sports Center easier, helping to develop a sense of belonging and cohesion with the territory.

“This is one of the occasions in which our role is consecrated, it is a special occasion. Due to the temporal distance between what was announced on August 31st by President Meloni and what was done with teamwork starting from the first day. Caivano is the place where we attack social abandonment. The State has felt the need for a more structured presence, legality is an absolute priority but together there is a sense of opportunity and the social”, said Andrea Abodi, minister for sport and youth, at Palazzo Chigi during the presentation of the project. “What we are presenting today is a tangible and concrete signal and with everyone’s effort we are able to give answers immediately that are not just announcements and slides. The value of the infrastructure that will be presented has important value because various realities such as sport, culture and social will meet. The State is present, responds and enables a community to regenerate”.

“This is an intervention on an area exceeding 50 thousand square meters with approximately 300 thousand cubic meters of material removed in 14 days. The Council of Ministers dissolved the municipality of Caivano due to mafia infiltration. If the intervention on Caivano had been limited to the center sports and if there had not been a cleanup not only of the debris of several hundred tons but of the problems in the area, we would have created a beautiful work that would have been ruined a few years later. It was necessary to make the municipality safe”, added the Undersecretary of State Alfredo Mantovano.

“The extraordinary intervention plan represents a fundamental step towards the transformation and improvement of the city. Collaboration between citizens, local institutions and key actors is essential for the development of the territory. We are listening carefully to the voices and needs of the community, and are committed to ensuring that decisions made are the result of constructive and inclusive dialogue. The extraordinary plan of interventions aims to revitalize the key sectors of the city, strengthening the infrastructure, training, and the creation of economic opportunities for citizens who are currently out of the world of work. Caivano deserves sustainable development and an improvement in the quality of life for all its inhabitants. The redevelopment of Caivano will become a model that can be replicated in all other areas of our nation: we are sure that we will reach new goals and open up new perspectives for these communities”, added the extraordinary commissioner of Caivano, Fabio Ciciliano.

“We want the new Caivano sports center to become a home for the citizens and above all for the children of the Parco Verde and of the whole city. Sport fights degradation, isolation and offers an opportunity for life through play and fun. Sport e Salute knows well the social value of sporting activity. In order for this house to be truly felt by all the inhabitants of Caivano, we aim to involve the territory as much as possible in the project. The challenge is to deliver the keys to the facility at the end of May 2024, in a very short timeframe”, explained the president of Sport e Salute SpA, Marco Mezzaroma.

“We are ready to bring this formula to places in Italy where sports spaces are abandoned, in disuse and the problems are similar to those of Caivano. We will also do this by immediately experimenting with collaboration between public and private: through a public call we will ask to the best energies of the country to contribute actively to the rebirth of the sports centre”.

The redevelopment project underway in Caivano and the renovation of the former Delphinia sports center represent a significant turning point for this community and constitute only a first stage of a broader and more ambitious development path. This project embodies the commitment and vision of the Meloni Government to transform the territory into a place of opportunity, economic growth, well-being and social inclusion. The new sports and cultural infrastructure will not only contribute to the promotion of an active lifestyle, but also to the creation of meeting spaces for families, young people and the elderly.

“From the beginning of September to today, no one has failed to support us. A project like this is achieved by working as a team, the project has complex goals from a social, infrastructure and time point of view. Our vision includes areas connected with a cycle path to integrate Caivano, the Green Park and the Sports Center, to thus give an overall vision of our project. We want to create and we are working for something ‘of someone’ and not for someone, which has its own complexity. We want to create internal connections to recreate a flow that can pass through it all. The green part connected to the sports islands, a playground area and a connection with a sort of ‘bridge’ that enters the centre. We were inspired by the school’s legality corridor and replicated it”, explained the project by Sport and Health CEO Diego Nepi Molineris. “The first fundamental stage was the reclamation of the area. Then there are two other steps: starting with the tender, it will be an integrated tender, with an investment of around 9 million 300 thousand euros. The tender will be concluded at the end of November and then starting the works from December 1st 2023. The objective is to close the works on May 31st 2024. With delivery of the sports facility to the public”, explained Nepi. “The sports center will have an indoor and outdoor part. There will be more than 41 sports disciplines inside the center, in order to guarantee the future manager of the facility can welcome anyone”, concluded Nepi.