The project that unites China Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña, four months after their separation

The China Suárez Y Benjamin Vicuña They have been separated for four months now. Their lives seem never to be reunited in sentimental matters. In everyday life, they see each other constantly since they have two children in common: Amancio and Magnolia. Apparently, professionally, an Argentine producer wants them to get back together.

It is about Adrián Suar. As it transpired, he wants to see them together again in a new installment of “Argentina, land of love and revenge.” This is how the journalist Guido Zaffora told it in the program “Es por hay”: “Adrián Suar loves La China Suárez and Benjamin Vicuña for ATAV, the second part. They want to make the premiere in 2023, because in 2022 both Benjamin and Mercedes Funes, who played Alicia in the series and has a fundamental role in the plot, have an exclusive contract with Telefe for the fiction ‘El Primero de Nosotros’ “.

And he added: “There is a plan B in case you do not accept The ChinaWe have to talk about money and others because the series was sold to Japan in the last few hours, that is, it has to be done yes or yes. So, if Eugenia doesn’t accept, the second option for her to play Polish in fiction is Brenda Gandini, Gonzalo Heredia’s wife. We have to see if Adrián makes the actors reconcile to record ATAV ”.

La China Suárez and Gonzalo Heredia. Source: Instagram: _atavfk

The panelists said that the pre-production that would unite Suarez Y Vicuña begins in February, the recordings in the month of March and that they would begin a casting to incorporate new actors. These, mainly young people, would be paid a standard cachet, to be able to respond economically to the contracts of leading figures.

Benjamín Vicuña in ATAV. Source: Instagram: _atavfk

Not only do you have to see if the China Suárez agrees to record with his former partner. The actress Mercedes Funes, who played Alicia Ferreyra, Torcuato’s sister, is one of the protagonists of “The first of us”, the Telefe strip that also premieres in 2022. In that sense, it would not be possible to be in the leading channels at the same time and in the same time slot, because it would be putting the two stories to compete.