The Prosecco Cycling Gravel Contest is born in Valdobbiadene, first edition on October 2nd

On 2 October you will also ride on the dirt roads of the Prosecco hills: 60 km with 1000 meters of altitude to discover a unique and exciting territory. Registration open from 1 September, only 100 places available. Departure and arrival in Valdobbiadene, coinciding with the traditional event that this year celebrates the 19th edition. The organization makes it known with a note. “A show within a show: Prosecco Cycling doubles and launches an event that on October 2 will travel the dirt roads of the Prosecco hills, enriching the billboard of the traditional appointment that this year celebrates its nineteenth edition”.

“The Prosecco Cycling Gravel Contest – this is the name of the new event – will develop for 60 km, with 1000 meters of altitude difference, between dirt roads and short ups and downs among the vineyards. A track of great charm from a landscape point of view, to be tackled in total freedom and without particular competitive objectives: the Prosecco Cycling Gravel Contest does not provide for timing or any form of assistance, medical or mechanical, along the way “.

“The start will take place in a single group – explains Massimo Stefani, general manager of Prosecco Cycling -. The substantial differences compared to traditional Prosecco Cycling concern the use of the gravel bike and the need to follow the Gpx track of the path on dirt roads that we have entrusted to the experience of AMG Alta Marca Gravel ASD. The Prosecco hills are particularly suitable for hosting a test of this type with a #amgstyle path. Participants in the Gravel test will also have the advantage of using the services offered by Prosecco Cycling ”.

“Those enrolled in the Prosecco Cycling Gravel Contest will receive the free package, the technical envelope with all the information to participate and an identification sign to be affixed to the bicycle. Then, once they cross the finish line in Valdobbiadene, in Piazza Marconi, the enthusiasts will go to the discovery of the flavors of Prosciutto Dop and Casatella Trevigiana Dop and will participate in the Tiramisù Taste Event that will await them at Villa dei Cedri “.