The radical change of look of Cami Gallardo that generated controversy

Singer cami gallardo is one of the most popular and followed voices in the region, as a consequence the redhead is also one of the most followed artists on the social network of the camera where she accumulates more than two million followers from all corners of the world who are waiting for their movements.

For them, cami He shares photos of his best poses and looks, as well as some of his privacy. Since she rose to fame, the interpreter of “El Peor” was characterized by her long hair, with curlers and volume, she first had it dark and lately she decided to paint it all red.

But now, cami gallardo He surprised his fans with a radical makeover that sparked controversy among his followers. The singer cut her hair to the height of her shoulders but she kept the curls, the volume and the red hair color that characterizes her so much in her appearances.

Cami Gallardo with a new look. Source: instagram @cami

“Freedom always in me,” he wrote cami gallardo in the social network of the camera next to a photo album in which she poses with her new appearance and a white top that reveals her curves. She combined this look with a black culotte and delicate makeup.

Cami Gallardo. Source: instagram @cami

His fans immediately turned to the publication of instagram and they posted thousands of likes for their new look and hundreds of approval comments for this new stage. “I left myself crazy”, “how beautiful”, “my queen is the most royal”, “what a beautiful woman”, “beauty”, “you look incredible” were some of the reactions of the public.