The radical change of look of Clara Chía with which she looks more and more like Shakira

Clara Chía is once again under the scrutiny of public criticism and this is due to a radical makeover. A photo in which the girlfriend of Gerard Piqué surprises netizens with a hairstyle very similar to that of the singer Shakira. This caused thousands of reactions and comments regarding her new look.

Some users pointed out that this extreme image change could be a desperate attempt to capture the attention of the former Barcelona player. Others speculate that Clara would be trying to look like the Colombian singer in order to revive her relationship with the soccer player. The young woman’s concern about a possible break is attributed to rumors that Pique and Shakira They have resumed contact. It is worth remembering that the former couple had some legal conflicts regarding legal custody of their two children.

Clara Chía’s attempt to imitate the frizzy hair style of Shakira It has generated many reactions and speculation on social networks. While some believe this action reflects his desire to attract Pique and win the empathy of her critics, others consider it an attempt to resemble the Colombian singer. Despite her efforts, Clara continues to be criticized and remains far from achieving the authenticity and acceptance that she seeks. As the popular saying goes, “A girl, even if she dresses in silk, a girl stays,” recalling that the true essence cannot be hidden behind ephemeral appearances.

It is worth mentioning that the girlfriend of Pique it has tried to gain acceptance but unfortunately the public image it projects continues to be denounced as “boring”, “cheap” and “classless”. The comments on social networks have been too malicious. Some of them: “it is the low quality Chinese replica”, “She was not obsessed with Piqué, she was always obsessed with Shakira”.

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía appear together despite some rumors of a couple crisis. Source: Instagram

Clara’s change of image is not an isolated event, since the young woman has shown her admiration for Shakira by copying both her hairstyle and her extravagant outfits. However, most people argue that the girlfriend of Gerard Piqué he shows no genuine interest in the former player, but rather a long-lasting obsession with Shakira. It could be said that this manifests itself not only in her physical appearance, but also in her clothing style. Despite her attempts, the young woman has not managed to capture the essence that has made the successful Colombian singer a world icon.