The radical change of look with which Aracely Arámbula fell in love with everyone

Aracely Arámbula is one of the most outstanding actresses on Mexican television and is remembered for having starred in various soap operas with which she has managed to win the hearts of viewers. Also. She is remembered for having been the wife of Luis Miguel and having had two children with the Sun of Mexico. On her Instagram account, at 47 years old, she fell in love with everyone with a change of look that left everyone speechless.

At the beginning of his career, Aracely Arambula She participated in various beauty contests and then began to become known for small roles on the small screen and her first antagonist was in the telenovela ‘Rencor pasionado’. She is remembered for having worked on ‘La patrona’ and recently she was called to be the main protagonist of a new version of ‘La Madrastra’ together with Andrés Palacios. Despite the fact that she was compared to the version played by Verónica Ruffo, the Mexican asked that they not make comparisons.

Aracely Arámbula is one of the most important actresses in Mexico. Source Instagram @aracelyarambula

Secondly, Aracely Arambula She became more aware when her relationship with Luis Miguel began in 2005, with whom she was until 2009. In the middle of the relationship, the couple had two children who were born in 2007 and the end of 2008. The actress and the singer decided to separate because the Mexican would have told the Sun of Mexico his intentions to continue working, something that did not go down well with the artist. Today the relationship of the interpreter of “Suave” is not entirely good with her children.

On his Instagram account where he has more than six million followers, Aracely Arambula She showed why she is one of the most beautiful women not only in her country but in Latin America and published a photo with a new look that revolutionized social networks. The 47-year-old actress can be seen with a blonde color in her hair.

Aracely Arámbula fell in love with everyone with this new look. Source Instagram @aracelyarambula

In another of his posts, Aracely Arambula It shows that she is one of the most beautiful women of all and that little is known about her love situation. On the other hand, Luis Miguel’s ex does not stop sharing photos on her social networks of her luxurious mansion, which is valued at 56 million dollars, where she lives with her children.

Aracely Arámbula shows off her incredible figure. Source Instagram @aracelyarambula