The radical decision of Clara Chía Martí since it became known that Piqué will appear in a program with Shakira

Singer Shakira and his ex partner Gerard Piqué They do not stop taking all eyes with each movement they make. It turns out that the former couple is in the middle of negotiations for the possession of their children Milan and Sasha and for this reason they meet from time to time with their lawyers.

The guard of the boys does not advance but in the meantime Shakira and Pique They must get on with their lives. The singer has just released the song “Monotonia” together with Ozuna and is closely dealing with the health of her father, William Mebarak, who was hospitalized again last weekend.

For its part, Gerard Piqué He continues with his responsibilities within the Barcelona Club and is preparing to go to the Qatar 2022 World Cup with the Spanish team, which begins in less than a month. He also enjoys his days with his girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti who is not having a very good time due to her exposure since it became known that she was the third party in the divorce.

Now it transpires that Shakira and Pique they could appear in a special TVE program called ‘Rings of gold’. In it, the coexistence of the most famous couples in Spain is told and although they no longer live under the same roof, what was their love story for more than a decade draws the attention of the production.

Clara Chia Marti. Source: Terra archive

Although the presence of Shakira and Pique in the program, the one who is suffering a lot because of this issue is Clara Chia Marti. The journalist Jordi Martin revealed that the young woman no longer goes to the workplace at the Kosmos company because she does not want to leave her house. “They tell me that she no longer even goes to work at the Kosmos headquarters, but rather that she teleworks from home, she is not strong. She is devastated, she has stopped going to work,” said the paparazzi.