The radical decision that Pampita made with Benjamín Vicuña’s ex, Eli Sulichin

Benjamin Vicuna He spent several months in a relationship with Eli Sulichin, the businesswoman he met at the baptism of Ana, the daughter of Pampita and García Moritán. Sometimes they were shown in public at certain events but a few weeks ago it was known that they would have ended.

The journalist Yanina Latorre had assured that they had ended their relationship on good terms, but Luli Fernández said the opposite in “Partners of the Show”. The panelist revealed a talk that Vicuna would have had with his ex-partner. “I’m tired of your manipulations, you’re always aware of what Eugenia posts. You never made an effort to bond with my boys,” he would have told her.

Another of the phrases Vicuna was: “You call me and cut me off incessantly, You’ve been driving me crazy for ten days, give it a go. Enough of China, Carolina and your threats. Nothing good. I already saw the good. This is over. I’m fed up, You’re selfish. I’m tired of your manipulations and threats. If your father dies and you tell me, ‘I’m very sad, I can’t keep talking,’ I’ll disappear forever.”

When Benjamin When asked about it, he replied: “Look, I am very ashamed. I have nothing to say. The truth is that it is a shame. I have the best with Eli. She is a super woman, and that they are manipulated, that things are distorted, it is a pity. She was a great partner, she is a beautiful person. It’s a shame that everything gets dirty like this.”

Then, the actor told how he deals with the family duel over the death of his father and work: “I’m going to Chile to accompany the family. Thanks for the endurance. I’ll be back on Wednesday for the theater performances, which as I’ve already said is very good for me, and I’m premiering a movie”. What caught our attention the most is the radical decision he took pampita with Eli Sulichin: “They are not friends, they fought,” journalist Karina Iavícoli revealed.