The radical message of Iván Cabrera after being denounced for domestic violence

ivan cabrera he continues to be targeted by the media after being denounced for an act of domestic violence. The dancer was arrested by the Carabineros after the complaint filed by his ex-partner Antonella Munoz with whom he had resumed a love story that had been interrupted for a while.

Ivan Cabrera posing. Source: Instagram @ivancabrerabjj

The well-known “Potro” used social networks to give his version of what happened and affirmed that he did not commit any type of crime. However, public opinion and the press are waiting to see how the investigation progresses and if new details come to light after the complaint.

Iván Cabrera’s post on Instagram

Using a new account instagram, the dancer posted a photograph of himself, accompanied by a reflection on self-esteem. His followers were surprised by the new account of ivan cabrera online, even though your original account is still active.

Ivan Cabrera posing. Source: Instagram @ivancabrerabjj

“To start from scratch you must start determined hand in hand with the best and all those who go by your side must be just as good or better than you. At first you remember and cry, and that is sensitivity. Then you remember and feel relieved, that is gratitude. After that you remember and laugh, that’s self-love. But then there comes a time when you don’t even remember to remember, and that’s maturity. You got over it ”, reads the dancer’s post.

Ivan Cabrera posing. Source: Instagram @ivancabrerabjj

The new account of “Foal” It has just over a thousand followers and the publication made adds few likes. In addition, the positive comments towards his reflection are still present, although those who were encouraged to criticize him were eliminated. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new stage in his life.