“The radios have always refused us”: sensational background told by her

After so many years he reveals the non-idyllic relationship with the radios that led to the dissolution of the duo with which he had achieved success.

In order for an artistic career to continue, in addition to the talent and love of fans, the right circumstances are also necessary. If this is lacking, even established artists can decide to give up and abandon what they have struggled for, fought for and often invested a lot of money for.

Radio background story (Credits: Instagram)

One of the most famous artists of the years between the nineties and the 2000s, explained after many years what were the causes that led her and the other member of the duo to decide to separate despite the support of the fans never lacking in their path. Their music debut took place as 883 backing vocals, but they soon had the opportunity to sign a contract with Sony.

Thus began their adventure as an artistic couple and in 1997 they won the New Proposals section of the Sanremo Festival with the song Friends like before. At this point, we’re sure you understand who we’re talking about, right? Obviously the Iezzi sisters, better known as Paola and Chiara: until 2013, their career was nothing short of astonishing with five million records sold, eight albums, four EPs and thirty-one singles.

Then, suddenly, the drastic decision to split up to the great chagrin of the fans who had followed them for years. Just recently, one of them alias Paola (the brunette) decided to tell the truth about their unexpected separation. She did it through a live Instagram.

Paola Iezzi tells everything: what was the behavior of the radios with their songs

Last month Paola and Chiara returned to sing together on stage. It happened during the concert of Max Pezzali in Bibione and it goes without saying that such a reunion sparked the enthusiasm of the fans. “That oxygen has arrived now. And not from the radio or the media: from the people. Then they were all nice, the newspapers and the radios were queued, but they are queued, because it is you who started also thanks to social networks ”, said Paola on Instagram.

The artist does not exclude the possibility of a return of the famous duo, but he did not hide the difficulties encountered in those ten years of intense activity without being able to count on a record company given the lack of support for radios. Difficulties that led them to decide to split up: “It was the stress of work, of not being understood, of being rejected by all the radios all the time. We had ten years as independents that were pretty hardcore, every single we brought to the radio was literally thrown into our heads ”.

Radio artist background (Credits: Instagram)

Do you also hope that the two talented Milanese sisters will resume their career together from where they left off?