The real reason Phoebe Dynevor dyed her trademark red hair

“It’s pretty brilliant that Daphne is really, deep down, very empowered, and she has a lot of agency and she says no,” she said. Dynevor a Harper’s Bazaar.

She also praised her character’s instincts and “resilience”, before adding that “it was all cloudy obviously in the context of being a woman in Regency England and all that that meant”. However, the show also focuses on bringing modern sensibilities to a different era, something most period pieces lack.

“I really found it interesting, the parallels between Lady Whistledown and the tabloids and how we love to build women up and then tear them down,” she added. Dynevor.

Her perspective is certainly interesting given that her superstar status due to the show made her the subject of tabloid speculation. Characteristic red hair Dynevor It has also caught her a lot of attention, especially when she changed her signature color for this darker shade.

Phoebe Dynevor opens up about her complicated hair history

One of the most unique reasons why Phoebe Dynevor landing in the spotlight had to do with her trademark flaming locks. But in July, she traded in her long red hair for a mid-length brunette style, after previously going dark for the Met Gala.

As for why she dyed her hair, the actress joked that she made the decision “when red hair became a trend.”

“As an actress, hair color is mostly about roles,” Dynevor revealed to British Vogue. She then explained that she went blonde for a while for a series she was on before “going back to her roots.”

The actress turned “red again and made it a little bit better.” However, even for a natural redhead, the color can be quite difficult to maintain. Dynevor she also explained the origin of her first dye job: “I originally went blonde to cover up the fact that I was a natural redhead and was called ‘redhead’ at school.”

Since “Bridgerton,” Dynevor has embraced her natural beauty, even the things she used to feel self-conscious about. She elaborated further: “I’m in a phase of embracing everything, including my very pasty white skin!”

Phoebe Dynevor Teases Upcoming Projects

Despite admitting that her hair color was tied to her acting career, Phoebe Dynevor did not reveal the role for which she dyed her hair.

However, he did offer a little sneak peek for fans. “My next role hasn’t been cast yet, so I can’t talk about it, but my character has dark hair, so I thought I’d dye it again in preparation and show off a new look at the Met Gala,” she told British Vogue.

The past year has been a big one for Dynevor. “Bridgerton” not only launched her to the A-list, but her feature film debut was also released in the fall of 2021.

“I’ve worked in television since I was 14 years old, so going into film was always something I really wanted…” Dynevor told Harper’s Bazaar, while promoting his movie, “The Color Room.”

He explained that it was a fun change of pace to have only one script and only one director. “And it feels much more intimate. I think that’s what really excited me about the medium of the film.”

His film career is expanding, with the actor signing on to star opposite Logan Lerman in a romantic comedy called “The Threesome” in June (via Deadline).

Most recently, The Hollywood Reporter shared that Dynevor landed the lead role in “Inheritance,” a thriller directed by Neil Burger of “Limitless” fame. Whether or not these roles see her as a redhead, blonde, or brunette, Dynevor is likely to captivate audiences no matter what.