The Reckoning, plot and cast of the horror film directed by Neil Marshall

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Directed by Neil Marshall, The Reckoning it’s a historical horror film of 2021 which got a vote of 31 out of 100 on the site Metacritic, while on Imdb the public voted it 4.7 out of 10 and is now available in streaming. At the center of the film a history of witchcraft with an eerie and frightening tone that promises strong emotions against the backdrop of the 1600s. “The Reckoning it was initially born from the desire to create a good product that managed to terrify and excite in equal measure. We love the idea of ​​scaring the shit out of an audience and wanted to create something truly terrifying, but also different from anything that has been seen before,” said director Neil Marshall and the protagonist Charlotte Kirk in a statement reported by Empire around the time of the film’s release.

The Reckoning: the plot of the movie

Grace Haverstock she loses her husband to the plague of 1600 and is accused of witchcraft without valid evidence. The witch hunter, Judge Moorcroft, takes her into custody and she suffers a series of torture and ill-treatment while continuing to plead her innocence. No one believes her and she is faced with her inner demons and resisting her as the Devil himself tries to tempt her and corrupt her mind and body.

The cast of The Reckoning

Charlotte Kirk plays the role of the protagonist Grace Haverstork, while Sean Pertwee is the evil Judge Morrcroft. In the rest of the cast we find Steven Waddington, Joe Anderson, Suzanne Magowan, Sarah Lambie, Ian Whyte and Mark Ryan. “The Reckoning it is as much about women’s empowerment as it is about witch hunts and the great plague of 1665. And of course, when we made the film in 2019 we had no idea that the world was about to be brought to its knees by a modern plague, which adds to the many reasons why this film is so important to today’s audiences,” Kirk added.