The Residence, Kylie Minogue in the cast of the Netflix series signed by Shonda Rhimes

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The Residence and the new tv series branded Netflix made by Shondaland, the maker of Shonda Rhimes which will probably see the light not before a year. Work is underway and the composition of the cast has only recently been disclosed which, as has been announced in the last few hours, will have an exceptional protagonist in Kylie Minogue. The pop star, who has sold tens of millions of records worldwide, will play itself: a rare case in the serial world, above all in the case in which we are not dealing with simple cameos but with leading actors. Very little is still known about this product, on which the production and Netflix are trying to keep the utmost confidentiality to increase the hype but the announced presence of Kylie Minogue will certainly be an element that will offer that extra bit of curiosity to the public.

The presence of Kylie Minogue and the rest of the cast

Apart from the fact that her participation in the role of herself has been disclosed, no other information was featured on kylie minogue in The Residence. From what can be seen, in fact, the product should have a choral setting, however it wouldn’t be strange if the pop-star somehow had the chance to emerge among the others, given her caliber and her appeal to the public. Next to her they will act still top notch actors the likes of Jane Curtin, Eliza Coupe, Julieth Restrepo, Sumalee Montano, James Babson, Izzy Diaz, Paul Fitzgerald, Roslyn Gentle, Chris Grace, Juliette Jeffers, Nathan Lovejoy, EL Losada. And then, again, the presences of Mel Rodriguez, Brett Tucker and Rebecca Field were announced. But this is only a part of the cast, because the production can be defined as colossal and certainly captivating for the audience that will follow it on TV.

The TV adaptation of Kate Andersen Brower’s book

The Residence is taken from the namesake novel by Kate Andersen Brower and follows the dictates of yellow fiction. AND set inside the White House, where a horrendous crime was committed, for which there are 157 suspects for a single body. The book is described as “a screwball thriller set in the upper floors, lower floors and back stairs of the White House, among the eclectic staff of the most famous villa in the world”. It will be up to a particular detective solve the murder mystery, in a TV series that seems to have all the right ingredients to attract the public.