The resounding decision that Yailin La Más Viral made about her daughter with Anuel AA

The recent separation of Anuel AA and Yailin The Most Viral It has given a lot to talk about. However, what has generated the most controversy is the drastic revenge that the Dominican singer would have taken against her ex-husband. Specifically, Yailin would have removed the surname of Anuel AA from the Instagram account of her daughter Cattleya de ella, registering her only with her maternal surname.

The proof. Source: Instagram

This action has generated great controversy on social networks, with opinions divided among the couple’s followers. Some have called the action immature and manipulative, while others have supported Yailin and have justified their behavior.

Whatever your opinion on the matter, it is important to remember that children should not be used as revenge tools in breakup situations. Parents have a responsibility to provide love and care for their children, regardless of their personal problems. However, the message Yailin the most viral it was most subtle.

It is understandable that the separation of anuel aa and Yailin has been difficult for both of them, but they must remember that they have a daughter together who deserves to have a healthy relationship with both parents. Instead of taking drastic measures, you should find ways to work together in raising your daughter and maintain open and respectful communication.

In summary, the elimination of the last name of anuel aa of her daughter’s Instagram account by Yailin has generated a great deal of controversy on social media. However, it is important to remember that children are not to be used as tools of revenge and that both parents have a responsibility to provide love and care for her daughter, regardless of her personal problems.