The return of a legend: Fito Páez and his triumphant passage through the Viña del Mar Festival 2023

Fito Paez made Quinta Vergara vibrate in his fifth presentation at the Viña del Mar Festival. With an hour of show and eight musicians on stage, the Argentine singer-songwriter displayed a battery of hits that made the Chilean public dance and move.

Fito Paez successfully returns to Viña del Mar

Paez stepped on the Quinta Vergara stage again to offer a show that left the attendees breathless. From the first moment, the Argentine singer-songwriter conquered the public with his energy and talent, interpreting songs such as “El Amor Después del Amor”, “Dos días en la Vida”, “11 y 6” and “Circo Beat”.

With a tremendous staging and eight musicians accompanying him on stage, Fito Paez unleashed madness among his fans, who acclaimed his name.

The Argentine singer-songwriter, with a creative and indomitable spirit, offered a show that left his soul on stage, receiving the Silver and Gold Gaviota del Monstruo de la Quinta Vergara at the end of his presentation.

Moved by the affection of the Chilean public, Fito Paez thanked the love that they have given him in each of his presentations in the country. “It’s so beautiful to go through time surrounded by love, thank you all.

In Chile they have tucked me in, they have taken care of me, it is the love that a people can give you. Something wonderful always happens, that’s why I come to Viña del Mar,” said the Argentine singer-songwriter.