The Reunion, plot and cast of the miniseries based on the novel The Girl and the Night

The Reunionthe new miniseries arriving on Rai 2 from Wednesday 4 October, is taken from novel by Guillaume Musso The girl and the night, published in Italy by La nave di Teseo in 2018. Set on the French Riviera, it is a thriller genre. And it is full of mystery.

The Reunionthe plot

The Reunion takes place over two time horizons. In 1997, on the French Riviera, a girl mysteriously disappears in the cold and snow. The narrative therefore takes a leap, until it reaches 2022. Fanny (Vahina Giocante), Thomas (Ioan Gruffudd) e Maxime (Grégory Fitoussi) are three former friends: deeply linked in the past, they stopped speaking to each other since May he win (Ivanna Sakhno) has disappeared.

Twenty-five years after the tragedy, Thomas breaks his silence. The boy, now a man, introduces himself to one repatriated of former students of the Saint-Exupéry high school. But it is precisely that gesture of his that voluntarily endangers the lives of the other two, starting with Maxime.

A year before Vinca disappeared, Thomas and Maxime had committed a homocide. They had walled up the body in the gym but now those walls will have to be torn down. Is Vinca’s disappearance linked to the crime of the two? And what will happen when the work brings the body to light?

The Reunionthe cast

The actor of Scottish origins Ioan Gruffudd plays the role of Thomas Degalais. Vinca has the face of a Ukrainian-American Ivanna Sakhno, Vahina Giocante plays Fanny Brahimi, Gregory Fitoussi (also seen in Mr Selfridge And Peaky Blinders) Maxime Biancardini. Then there is Dervla Kirwan in the role of Annabelle Degalais (Thomas’ mother in the scenes in the past and Shemss Audat in those of Manon Agostini (the policewoman who leads the investigation into Vinca’s disappearance).

The novel from which The Reunion it is trafficking

The Reunion is the first adaptation of Guillaume Musso’s novel The girl and the night. “We didn’t select the novel just because it was a best seller“, explained producer Manuel Alduy. “We were fascinated by the world in which the story is set. Mystery, romance, love, hate, secrets and truth they are all elements that intertwine in a compelling way, outlining ambiguity as the driving force of the characters’ actions”. The book, translated into 36 languages, has become a real publishing sensation. Its author has explained when to see it transposed into a TV series made him happy.” The six episodes keep alive the desire to find out what will happen next and also deal with complex themes. The characters are portrayed in their entirety. Personally, I was involved in reading the script and had the chance to express my opinion opinion on casting, locations, tone and cinematography, an experience I found extremely rewarding,” he said.