The risky but miraculous aesthetic treatment that Coté López underwent

cote lopez He is always posting his life on Instagram, his business, his sports routines and also his aesthetic treatments. But the last treatment that was done on her skin is quite controversial, since it can imply a health risk, know why.

BB Glow. Source: Instagram @cotelopezm

cote lopez A treatment called BBGlow was applied in the last few hours. “Making a BBGlow to hydrate and match,” she commented in the post she made on her Instagram account. instagram. This treatment consists of an application of color under the skin, through a machine with many very tiny hypodermic needles. The idea is that it unifies the colors of the skin, as if it were a makeup base, and gives shine to the face, the results that are really achieved are very good and fast.

However, the problem is that it is not a treatment that is still approved by regulatory entities. Johana the cosmetologist Mendez explain why:

“Along with the glow, you have the BB, which contains pigments that will help make the appearance of the skin much more uniform in terms of tone. It is as if diluted makeup base were injected into your skin in order to even out your skin tone and reduce spots, as if creating the illusion of permanent makeup. In fact, that is how it has been marketed: as an alternative for those who do not want to wear makeup and want a fresh, fresh appearance, with a unified color”, he assures Mendez.

Cote’s result. Source: Instagram @cotelopezm

The real problem is what can happen to those pigments under the skin, in the words of the expert Mendez would be: “The detail is in what happens next. When the skin is renewed, the pigments should be absorbed, but it turns out that they could remain encapsulated because they are agents that the body does not recognize as its own. If they are applied more deeply, or with larger diameter needles, the matrix could be damaged. As this is a regenerative area, the body creates its new cells, but when detecting a foreign agent, the reaction could be to encapsulate the pigment and form lumps in the skin known as granulomas.”