The risky photograph of Antonella Ríos that defies Instagram censorship

Antonella Rios, the 48-year-old actress, finds herself more beautiful than ever and is always trying new methods. At the end of 2022, through her stories, she showed the result of her stimulation treatment in the arms with which she seeks to combat flaccidity. “This is my fourth arm stimulation session and they feel happy and hard,” she commented. she.

And he explained a little more: “I reduced 3 cm of contour per arm and they also became firmer. There are 4 sessions per zone of 30 minutes each equivalent to a POWER exercise, it doesn’t hurt or bother, it just ‘vibrates'”. Antonella He added that the treatment, in addition to arms, also works on the buttocks, abdomen and legs.

Some days ago, Antonella shared a close-up photo of his face from when he was 27 years old. “My #tbt today is to remember that each stage, seeing her from a distance, has her beauty. Many times you are in front of her and you cannot see her,” wrote the actress, taking advantage of Thursday to upload a photo of her past.

TBT by Antonella Ríos. Source: Instagram @antonellarios

“Love yourself in all your ways, set limits without guilt and go forward to build your own empire with claw” was the phrase he chose for his fans, who he said goodbye with “I love you.” “Super beautiful”, “Very nice message ….. love your present” and “You look beautiful AntonellaHave a good Thursday, take care” were some of the messages he received in a photograph.

Antonella Ríos fell in love topless. Source: Instagram @antonellarios

With a simple angel emoji, Antonella shared a half-length photo where she is seen without clothes, taking a selfie in front of the mirror with her hair down and sunglasses. The publication exceeded 19,000 likes and 215 comments. “Excellent composition”, “How I would take care of it” and “Richer than a Sopaipillas with Pebre” were some of them.