The risky photograph of Karol G with a famous singer that caused a furor

Karol G is one of the most important singers today, because the Colombian artist has become a benchmark of the urban genre and thanks to her songs she has managed to conquer not only Latin America but the rest of the world. The interpreter of ‘Provenza’ is in the final stretch of her tour of the United States and in one of her last concerts she was visited by Chiquis Riveraan American singer who was very attached to Bichota and they were photographed together.

After what had been the successful tour ‘Bichota World Tour’ where he took her to visit all of Latin America, Carol G he wanted a much bigger challenge and that’s why he started in September with the ‘Strip Love Tour’, with concerts exclusively in the United States. In a short time, she was positioned in the Top 10 most successful world tours of the year. According to Pollstar magazine, the interpreter of ‘Gatúbela’ sold more than 10,000 tickets and ranked eighth. In addition, she is the only woman on the list and the third Latin American, in addition to Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny.

The ‘Strip Love Tour’ is one of the most successful tours in the world. Source Instagram @karolg

The tour ‘Strip Love Tour’ has allowed him Carol G be on the most important stages in the United States and in iconic cities within music. In addition, she has received the visit of important celebrities such as Mía Khalifa, the former porn actress who had revealed that her wish was to meet the interpreter of ‘Provenza’ or ‘Tusa’ in person. The moment was recorded and after one of her concerts they were photographed together.

who on this occasion was with Carol G It was the American singer, Chiquis Rivera, daughter of Jenni Rivera, who after the concert that the Colombian gave, was photographed with the 31-year-old singer and one of the photographs was somewhat risky, defying the limits of censorship. In the posting of seven photos of her, Rivera wrote: “Thank you for all your attention, my Karol G. You are a person’s love and a goddess on stage.”

Karol G and Chiquis Rivera together. Source Instagram @chiquis

In the images you can see the joy of Carol G to be with Chiquis Rivera whom he had no problem receiving after his show. The post even received thousands of comments from celebrities, including that of the young Mexican regional music singer, Ángela Aguilar, who reacted to the meeting.

Karol G was happy to receive Rivera. Source Instagram @chiquis