The risky photography of Coté López and Luis Jiménez on the beach

In the middle of November, cote lopez She was criticized for not having a steady job. “I was reading the internal messages, and I get one that says ‘but if you live on vacation and do nothing'” the influencer recounted in her stories. Although it was not necessary, she gave her explanations: “My people, I upload (stories to Instagram) when I’m not doing anything.”

And he added: “To give you an idea, at this minute the sweatshirts arrived and it is a whole story about the boat, the truck, the logistics. In addition, watches, lenses, and different things are arriving,” he commented. Cote about “Louis Antoine”, the clothing brand he created together with the “Wizard”.

Currently, Cote Y Luis Jimenez They are on vacation at the beach with their children: Rafaela, Isidora, Rebeca, Diego and Jesús Jiménez. Every day, the businesswoman has shared photos on social networks of her showing her swimsuits and the looks she uses to walk.

Coté López on vacation. Source: Instagram @cotelopezm

In the last few hours Cote He published some photographs where it is seen that he is kissing his son on the mouth. In another of the photos, the model is leaning on Luis in a white and blue patterned beach sarong. Although she shows more, the image inspires tenderness and love in her fans.

Coté López kissing her son on the mouth. Source: Instagram @cotelopezm

The publication of instagram It exceeded 31,000 likes and 100 comments. Luis Jimenez He left him red heart and fire emojis. “I swear I admired this photo for many seconds, what beauty of people inside and out both” and “I feel healthy envy, because I have been married for 20 years and I can no longer be like this with my husband because I no longer love him and I can only look tenderly as others love each other” were some of the messages he received.

The risky photograph of Coté López and Luis Jiménez on the beach. Source: Instagram @cotelopezm