The risky swimsuit of Luis Miguel’s ex that defies Instagram restrictions

Mollie Gould was the girlfriend of Luis Miguel for a few months, although later the rupture between the two became known. As it has always been, the Sun of Mexico always remains hermetic before his personal life as are his children and much more with his current and previous sentimental relationships.

Despite his way of being the furthest from the cameras, recently Luis Miguel He published an image on his official Instagram account after five months of absence from the camera network. It is a photo in a story, very similar to the one in the artist’s last post. Maybe it’s from the same production.

In the image, Luis Miguel he appears posing in profile and outlining a slight smile with his hand on his face. Beyond that, he did not accompany her with any text. The strange thing is that the Mexican artist has not shown signs of preparing another project, although it is said that he has spent months selecting the songs to release an unreleased album.

New post from Luis Miguel. Source: Instagram @lmxlm

In the last hours, and completely away from the singer, Mollie Gould posted a video on her Instagram stories where she is seen parading down a runway in a risky star-shaped swimsuit in pastel blue with pink straps. Without a doubt, the model captivated her millions of fans.

Despite its beauty, Luis Miguel already seems to have new love. It is about her friend, the businesswoman and mediatic Paloma Cuevas. The woman is the godmother of her middle child, the result of her relationship with Aracely Arámbula. The couple usually meet in Madrid and to keep a low profile, he would arrive incognito on a private flight.