The role of banks in the economic recovery, dialogue between Patuelli and Ghisolfi in Cuneo

A complete, 360-degree vision, starting from history up to a “new idea” of Europe, through a careful analysis of the current moment between the post-pandemic and the war, in which the role of banks can be reduced and updated , of the Italian and European economy and finance. With serious and motivated glimmers of light for what the future will be. This is the extreme synthesis of the speech by Antonio Patuelli, president of the Italian Banking Association, in the conference “Banks in economic recovery”, organized in the prestigious and evocative setting of Villa Tornaforte-Aragno in Cuneo, as part of the cycle of initiatives “Humanities Forum”.

Patuelli’s analysis was preceded by greetings from the “landlord”, Nino Aragno, successful entrepreneur and publisher (“We thank the presence of the speaker who gives prestige and honor to our in-depth seminars on civil society”) and we carried out in dialogue with Beppe Ghisolfi, banker and director of the prestigious national magazine BancaFinanza, who provided valuable insights which were subsequently deepened by the illustrious guest.

«Except for the dramatic humanitarian implications – said the president of ABI – I am much more optimistic after these two months of conflict between Russia and Ukraine than in the previous period. Italian companies did not stop in the face of the problems, albeit serious, of the difficulty of supplying and rising energy prices. This is because Italian entrepreneurs show that they have broad relationships, strong character, flexibility, adaptability, that they know how to make new contacts, that they can find elsewhere those products and services that seemed impossible to find in the first few weeks ».

A strong message. A new energy that Patuelli also finds in the institutions, «which have moved – he highlighted – with greater speed than in the past. Of course, we would have needed the speed with which new and differentiated sources of energy are sought today also in previous decades, when instead the answer to every question was always “no” ».

From a picture that superficially appears extremely negative, the image of a “new Italy” emerges, more dynamic, more adaptable to change, able to react in the most correct ways: “After two months of war – he concludes. Patuelli – I am convinced that the reaction of the companies of our country is clear, very strong, that the reaction of the institutions is very important and dynamic. Pending the government measures to support businesses, in application of the European Commission’s state aid prohibitions, which will allow businesses to have new forms of industrial policies ”. The conference then concluded with the intervention of Luca Crosetto, president of Confartigianato Cuneo.