The Rose of Istria, the cast of the film inspired by the novel Who’s Afraid of the Black Man?

It arrives on Monday 5 February, in prime time The rose of Istria. The film, based on the novel by Graziella Fiorentin Who’s afraid of the boogeyman?tells the vicissitudes of the Italian exiles from Istria and Dalmatia.

The rose of Istriathe plot

At the center of the plot of The rose of Istria we find the eighteen year old Maddalena Braico, who dreams of becoming a painter but is forced to put her dreams aside. Her life is in fact overwhelmed by World War II. The Tito partisans force her and her family to leave Canfanaro, the small village of‘Istria in which they live. His brother Niccolò is injured, and they all take refuge in Friuli with their uncle Giorgio. Antonio, Maddalena’s father and a doctor by profession, finds himself forced to do low-skilled jobs to earn something, while she is bullied because of her Istrian origins. Her only comfort comes from Leo, passionate about art like her. To him, his origins don’t seem to matter. But a second transfer puts an end to everything. Once again. Maddalena forgets her dreams again and follows her family. She then found Leo again at the end of the war, when she no longer hoped for it. As, will have to choose: follow dreams (and love), or not displease the traditionalist father?

The cast

Maddalena Braico is played by Gracjela Kicaj, actress of Albanian origin. Her father, Antonio, is Andrea Pennacchi. Born in 1969, Pennacchi has taken part in various fiction, from Don Matteo to 1994. Leo, the young man with whom Maddalena falls in love, is Eugenio Franceschini. Actor from Verona, he has a long career in the theater (mainly alongside Leo Gullotta). In the cast of The rose of Istria we also find Costantino Seghi as Niccolò Braico, Maddalena’s older brother, e Clotilde Sabatina in those of Bina, the mother.