The Royal Family is “delighted” by the absence of Meghan Markle at the coronation of King Charles III

The upcoming coronation of King Charles III has generated great excitement in the British royal family and throughout the country, but a notable absence is giving people talk. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, will not attend due to a previous engagement in California. Meanwhile, in England, the royal family is preparing to welcome royalty from around the world.

According to sources close to the British monarchy, Meghan’s decision not to attend has left some members of the royal family “delighted”.

The royal expert Tom Bowerrevealed to Page Six: “I think everyone is delighted that he’s not coming.” Although it is unknown if the decision was made by Meghan or Princess Kate Middleton, the result is that Meghan stays in Montecito.

Since Meghan married Prince Harry in 2018, her entry into royal life has been fraught with challenges and misunderstandings. The decision of megxit, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex chose to step down from their roles as royals, caused a stir in both Britain and the United States. Many wondered if her departure was really amicable, or if it was fueled by tensions between Meghan and other members of the royal family.

Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry plan to celebrate their son Archie’s fourth birthday in California. The birthday party will coincide with the coronation of King Carlos III, but according to a source close to Meghan’s camp, it will not be an extravagant celebration: “It will be an intimate party, it will not be like My Super Sweet 16 or 50 of Portia de Rossi”. The source added that Meghan and Harry “have celebrities in their lives.”

Despite the fact that Meghan will not be present at the coronation, the ceremony is still underway. According to Tom Bower, if he had come, “They told him that he would have to bow three times, that he would not be the center of attention, that he would play no part in the whole thing, and that if he came, they would be put in row 54 in the back.” It seems that the British royal family will not miss Meghan’s presence at the coronation of King Charles III.