The Ryder cup ice cream arrives

It’s called ‘Green Ice and it was created by world ice cream champion Eugenio Morrone

Italian artisanal ice cream pays homage to world golf. The world ice cream champion Eugenio Morrone created the ‘Green Ice’ – presented at the ‘Italy Best Golf Night’ event at the Mercati di Traiano. Green Ice is inspired by the symbolic color of the playing field, the green lawn. The common thread is sustainability where the raw materials used – high quality milk and cream from the Roman countryside, Italian-produced whole beet sugar, Sicilian pistachios lightly toasted and refined in the laboratory at the moment – are all short supply chains.

“This means greater product traceability, more food safety and great valorisation of local products. The future of ice cream is also being able to link it to a production process with low environmental impact and with latest generation machinery that has reduced energy and water consumption, the processes are all carried out cold and respecting the healthiness of the ice cream, therefore without the need to use heat sources,” explained Master Ice Cream Maker and world champion Eugenio Morrone.

Experimenter, researcher of raw materials, innovator and award-winning – in 2022 he also entered the Hall of Fame World Ranking – he is a visionary of sustainable ice cream and the Green Ice in homage to the Ryder Cup can be tasted in the heart of Trastevere in his ice cream shop ‘Fior of Luna’ in via della Lungaretta.