The sad reason Princess Diana didn’t like Prince Harry’s nickname

like the princess Diana, Harry it is widely admired not only by the British population, but also by citizens around the world. His compassionate spirit and philanthropic nature have won over people and won over the hearts of many.

Unfortunately, this popularity and visibility has had major drawbacks for the prince, especially in recent years since he went public with his relationship with his now-wife. Meghan Markle.

While there has always been intense interest in the love life of the youngest prince, as was the case with the tumultuous marriage of the Princess Diana and the subsequent divorce king charles iii (via People), American citizenship and the biracial identity of Megan seem to have provoked unfair criticism, at least in the eyes of Megan.

During Meghan’s 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, she shared that the racial orientation of the press and the royal family influenced his decision to give up his royal duties and move from England to the United Statesaccording to Time.

And while it may have been impossible for Princess Diana to foresee the difficult road ahead for her youngest son, before her death she expressed concern about certain aspects of Prince Harry’s possible future. In particular, Princess Diana was concerned about Prince Harry’s popular nickname in the media.

Princess Diana didn’t want Prince Harry to be called a spare

As the second son of Princess Diana and King Charles III, Prince Harry’s ascension to the throne has always seemed pretty unlikely.

At the time of his birth, Prince Harry he was third in line to the thronejust behind his father, King Charles III (then Prince Charles) and his older brother, Prince William.

However, the birth of Prince William’s children, the prince george of Wales, the Princess Charlotte of Wales and the prince louis of Wales, have pushed the Prince Harry to fifth in line (via BBC). (Before the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry it was the sixth in the line of succession to the throne).

However, the rules of succession Prince Harry was never guaranteed a chance to be king, as the second son is always referred to as “the spare” for the heir, a nickname from which Princess Diana I wasn’t a fan.

James Patterson, a royal expert who wrote the book “Diana, William and Harry: The Heartbreaking Story of a Princess and a Mother,” says Princess Diana didn’t mind the “leftover” label the media put on her youngest son. .

“I think he tried to control it as much as he could,” Patterson shared with foxnews. “I think she was worried about that.

Patterson went on to state that because Princess Diana experienced difficulties as a princess, she wanted something different for her children. “I just wanted them to be normal kids and understand that the real world doesn’t work in the same way that it worked inside the palace.”

How Prince Harry honors Princess Diana to this day

Prince Harry lost his mother at a young age, but continues to pay tribute to the Princess Diana throughout the various stages of his life, proving that he is anything but “sober”.

Prince Harry’s creation of The Invictus Games, which allows wounded soldiers to compete in a variety of sporting events, was even inspired by his mother. “I certainly hope and believe that everything I do makes her proud,” she shared on prince harry with People in 2016.

“In the 12 short years I was lucky enough to be with her, I saw and felt the energy and drive she gained from helping others, no matter their background, ailments or status. Her life and theirs was made better for it.” , no matter how short theirs or hers was”.

The prince harry he also honors his mother through his wife, Meghan Markle.

Before their wedding in 2018, Prince Harry proposed to Meghan with a diamond from Botswana, That sometime belonged to princess Diana (via Insider).

And for her wedding, she picked flowers from a garden inside Kensington Palace as a tribute to her mother, according to Town & Country.

Of course, the best way the prince harry he honors his mother’s legacy by protecting his wife and family. “My biggest worry was history repeating itself,” Prince Harry shared with Oprah Winfrey in 2021 (via HuffPost). “What I was seeing was history repeating itself. More perhaps, or much more dangerously, because then you add race and social media. And when I talk about history repeating itself, I’m talking about my mother.”