The Sanremo bouquet artists: “100 a day in ‘Amadeus style’ during the festival week”

“The week in which we never sleep is starting, between the hundred bouquets a day to create and the management every evening behind the scenes of the decision on which composition to match with the guest. We have been preparing for a week already, and only to cover until Tuesday, the first day of the festival. Now, little by little, we have to go ahead and prepare the flowers for the whole week.” Speaking to Adnkronos are Jessica Tua and Sabina Di Mattia, the creators of all the floral compositions that pay homage to the competing artists, the guests and that color the press conferences.

Sanremo is the city of flowers and the two artists of the most colorful market in Italy talk about a work made of innovations dictated by changing times and traditions kept firmly by those who commission the compositions. “Our task – they explain – is to enhance the flower by highlighting it well. Every year innovation is naturally linked to new varieties of flowers and the bouquets to be created increase, having started to also give them to men and groups”.

“Amadeus had personally chosen the bouquet the first year of its management – explains Jessica – He didn’t want anything modern, instead preferring the classic and traditional, for us now the ‘Amadeus style’. The flowers we use for the festival they are only and exclusively from Sanremo, therefore a local and seasonal production: buttercups, sterlizia, brooms, mimosas, eucalyptus for the greenery, poppies, carnations, hellebores and cypripedium orchids in all their shades. We have been here working for fifteen days already , between orders and planning. My colleague and I manage all the requests made to us, we meet the various set designers who give us indications also in relation to television needs”. Hours and hours to study and create a bouquet. But how long does it last? “Let’s say that the Sanremo flower costs a little more – say Jessica and Sabina – but the quality is high and can be seen in the duration of the bouquet. And then grandmother’s trick always applies: changing the water often and cutting them freshly”. (by Silvia Mancinelli)