The scenarios of change in the amateur sports sector are discussed at the ASI round table

What is the climate in the sports sector and in particular in the amateur sector? Sports centers have reopened, competitions have resumed, spectators have returned to stadiums and playing fields, but something is changing. The march of recovery remains tight due to the anticovid and containment measures still in force with which the administrators of the Asd and Ssd find themselves “dealing” after the long months of lock-down. And as if that were not enough, a regulatory framework has been created in full swing. How will the Sport Reform, with the delicate issue of sports collaborators and the Third Sector Reform impact on sports management?

One of these topics will be dealt with round table which will take place on November 18th at 17.30 hosted on the Adnkronos website in the cycle of events dedicated to sport, in collaboration with Asi, Italian Social Sports Associations. Participants will be Antonio Fici, professor of private law at the University of Molise, Luca Mattonai, tax advisor and manager of ASI, Salvatore Sanzo, member of the National Council of Coni and Biancamaria Stivanello, lawyer and editor of Asi Sport Fisco, professionals of great competence and experience to map the ongoing change in the amateur sports sector.

In the amateur sports sector, in this phase of transition from the pandemic, all attention falls on 4 important aspects: sports collaborators, the management of Asd and Ssd from the economic point of view and the new obligations; loss management also with reference to the new Corporate Crisis Code; the Third Sector Reform. The objective of the round table is precisely to give a snapshot of the current situation in the sports sector and map the change underway, through the concrete repercussions and opportunities to be seized.

In unsuspected times, starting from 2019, Asi has introduced the portal Asi Sport Fisco, a channel entirely dedicated to tax, legal, labor and management investigations for an Asd or Ssd. The recipients of this channel are precisely the managers and administrators of the Asd and Ssd affiliated to Asi who can refer to a source of information managed by tax consultants, lawyers, labor consultants and managers who are experts in the sports sector and within the ASI world. The Asi Sport Fisco portal “churns out” every week an in-depth or updated content in the event of “extraordinary” news.

The users of the portal can get in touch with the reference professionals who provide a first contact within 48 hours of the request. Not only that, Asi Sport Fisco is the promoter channel of Asi TOP Tour where “TOP” stands for Territories, Opportunities, People. An itinerant format that touched all the main ASI territorial committees, with round tables in presence and in videoconference mode, when restrictions were in force, to enhance the individual committees on site through training.