The second edition of the Customer Experience Forum is underway

Appointment of Italian communication aimed at innovation in business and in the ecosystem of experiences

The second edition of the is coming Customer Experience ForumsLappointment of Italian communication aimed at innovation in business and in the ecosystem of experiences. The appointment will be held on May 18 in “phygital” mode at the ‘Community House’ TV studios, with Speakers and Guests in attendance and published live on

What are the new digital solutions to support companies that intend to perfect their customers’ Customer Journey path? What are the horizons opened up in this sense by Artificial Intelligence? What are the organizational structures that have a positive effect on the ability of employees to give effective and reassuring answers to customers and consumers? And finally, how is consumer attention to sustainability reflected in marketing, sales and customer journey strategies? These are some of the questions that will be considered during the morning of speeches, which will see the presence as Speakers of the Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Communication Officer, Customer Care Managers, Sales Directors, Opinion Leaders and other key managerial figures from around the world of Marketing and Customer Experience of leading companies in the country.

During the day Phygital Talk sessions will alternate with Phygital Speech interventions. Among the first, it is worth mentioning a Talk Show in collaboration with Sprinklr entitled “Applications of Artificial Intelligence to the Customer Experience”, conducted by Alessandro Gallo (Sales Director of Sprinklr) and with the exclusive participation of companies such as Enel, Flowe, Edison Energia and WindTre. Among the latter, an intervention by Cristina Favini (Chief Design Officer of Logotel)entitled “There is no Customer eXperience without Community eXperience”, and a speech by Elisa Terraneo (Marketing & Communication Manager South Europe for CleverConnect) entitled “Personalization, immediacy, possibility to choose. How experience guides choices: the case of the Candidate Experience”. The event will see Adnkronos as Main Media Partner, and is promoted by the Official Partners Logotel And sprinklerby the Partner Clever Connect and the Media Partner It is still possible to register remotely: