The second edition of the Healthcare Innovation Forum is underway

On February 1st in Rome, a discussion between experts, institutions and companies

The aim of the second edition of the Healthcare Innovation Forum scheduled for Thursday 1 February at Palazzo Ripetta, Rome. Organized by Core with the unconditional contribution of Agfa HealthCare, Engineering, Olympus, Samsung, Sielte and Siemens, the event, coordinated by engineer Giuseppe Navanteri, will be divided into 4 thematic sessions and includes the participation of experts, academics, company managers and representatives of the institutional world.

The first session – explains a note – has the theme of innovation through the proposal of a vision of public and private healthcare and the need to review the healthcare reform, the transition from Lea (Essential levels of assistance) to Lep (Essential levels performance) as the opportunity to review the healthcare organization by aligning it with technological developments, and focusing on prevention as a lever to reduce the pressure on large specialist hospitals. The second session of the forum is dedicated to innovation in healthcare, with organization and skills as key factors, starting from the question of what is needed to create integrated and shared innovation paths that look at a measurable healthcare value guaranteed to the citizens of the different regions. The theme of the third session is ‘Patient driven and non-technology/data driven innovation: the technological tool as a means of innovation’. Finally, the last part focuses on the new concept of hospital to guarantee quality to the patient by combining excellent clinical research with innovative clinical practice with a solid translational bridge, establishing a triple academic-industry-government relationship as a key component of any innovation.

The debate involves the active involvement of all participants at the table, with the participation of over 10 stakeholders per session who will be divided into two groups: the opening remarks in which managers of companies in the sector, academic representatives, institutional representatives and opinion leaders will intervene , and discussants, represented by experts from the healthcare sector. The forum will be opened by Rocco Bellantone, president of the Higher Institute of Health, and Francesco Zaffini, president of Commission X (Social affairs, healthcare, public and private work, social security) of the Senate of the Republic.

Following will be speakers, among others: Marco Arcelloni, Strategic Account Manager AGFA; Antonello Aurigemma, President of the Lazio Regional Council; Rocco Bellantone, President of the National Institute of Health; Dario Canella, Senior Technical Manager Engineering; Giorgio Casati, General Director of ASL Roma 2; Marco Ferlazzo, President of the Mediterranean Health Innovation Hub Consortium and CEO of the COT Polyspecialist Clinical Institute for Orthopedic Trauma Care; Dario Guido, Head of Health & Medical Equipment Division Samsung Electronics Italia SpA; Francesco Macchia, Director of the Clinical Engineering Unit and Director of the Technology and Plant Management AREA of ASL Roma 2; Enrica Masella Ducci Teri, Manager responsible for the AgID qualification and accreditation area; Luigi Mazzei, Vice President of Confindustria Medical Devices with responsibility for the Study Center; Aldo Morrone, Scientific Director of IISMAS International Institute for Medical, Anthropological and Social Sciences and Professor at UniCamillus University; Giuseppe Navanteri, Head of Clinical Engineering and Technologies and Information Systems of the IFO; Giuseppe Quintavalle, Extraordinary Commissioner of ASL Roma 1; Patrizia Palazzi, Strategic Sales Consultant – Siemens Healthineers; Raffaele Sisto, Sales leader Sielte SpA mobile networks sales management; Andrea Tardiola, INAIL General Director; Valeria Tozzi, Associate Professor of Practice of Government Health and Not for Profit Division at the SDA Bocconi School of Management; Stefano Ventavoli, Regional Head Commercial Development & Head of Key Account Management Olympus Italy.