The Second Hand Economy is growing, worth 25 billion euros

The data of the Second Hand Economy Observatory conducted by Bva Doxa for Subito: 24 million Italians have chosen second hand in 2022, generating an economic value of 25 billion euros, equal to 1.3% of the national GDP

I am 24 million Italians who chose the Second Hand Economy in 2022, generating an economic value of 25 billion euros, equal to 1.3% of the national GDP. The number of people who buy and sell used products is increasing (57% vs 52% in 2021) and the frequency of use of this form of circular and distributive economy. The growth of online continues, the channel preferred by 65% ​​of respondents, with a turnover of 11.9 million euros (47% of the total), but after two years of difficulty, offline is also growing. The average earnings are almost 1,000 euros (953 euros). These are the main findings of the ninth edition of the Second Hand Economy Observatory conducted by Bva Doxa for Subito, a platform active in Italy for buying and selling in a sustainable way.

“In 2022 we observe a further increase in the percentage of those who make second hand, as well as in the value generated which reaches 25 billion euros and which is the highest ever. A clear sign of how this form of circular economy has in all respects cleared prejudice, to become a habit to be proud of, a choice to be proudly claimed because it is intelligent, sustainable, smart – comments Giuseppe Pasceri, CEO of Subito – Immediately, and in particular the experience always similar to the e-commerce of buying and selling used items, chosen by 6 out of 10 users, have contributed to making this choice even simpler and more convenient, conquering a demanding and attentive cross-generational target” .

WHAT ITALIANS BUY AND SELL – Vehicles are confirmed as the first category in terms of total value generated (10.6 billion euros), albeit down compared to the positive leap in 2021. Followed by Home and Person, the category that is growing more than the others ( 6.7 billion euros in 2022 vs 5.7 billion euros in 2021). Electronics (€4.5 billion) and Sports&Hobby follow in third place (€3.4 billion), substantially stable compared to 2021 in terms of value generated.

VALUES AND REASONS – The percentage of those who buy and sell used grows from 52% to 57% and is confirmed in third place among the sustainable behaviors implemented by Italians, preceded by separate waste collection (90%) and the purchase of LED bulbs (69%) and followed by the purchase of km0 products (49%). Percentage that grows considerably especially for some targets, who find in the second hand an ally to face all the typical changes of their condition: GenZ and Millennials (73%), but also young families with young children (75%). Looking to 2022 alone, over 24 million Italians have chosen second-hand. But what are the values ​​that are associated with this choice? First of all, the sustainability of behavior that is good for the environment (55%), followed by the importance of not wasting, giving value to things (52%) and the intelligent and current choice of a different model of economy (51%) . Transversal values ​​for all generations.

FOCUS ON REGIONS – The top three regions that stand out in terms of turnover in 2022 are: Lombardy (4.2 billion euros); Campania (3.1 billion euro); Lazio (2.7 billion euros). The regions where you earn more than the national average thanks to the sale of second hand are Campania (1,114 euros), Veneto (1,099 euros) and Lombardy (970 euros).