The series on Netflix that with only 5 chapters continues to rise in the TOP 10 as the public’s favorite

Without a doubt, Netflix stands out as one of the most chosen streaming platforms when selecting what content to enjoy. This is due to the breadth of its catalogue, which offers a varied range of series and movies, guaranteeing the satisfaction of a diversified audience. In this sense, we recommend a movie what to see available on this platform: “Fanatic“.

“Fanático” is a Spanish comedy-drama series created by Dani del Águila, Federico Maniá Sibona and Yago de Torres for Netflix. Directed by Roger Gual and starring Lorenzo Ferro, the series premiered on the platform on July 29, 2022 and has become one of the most chosen options for those who are looking for something what to see.

The Serie “Fanatic” available in Netflix is about a famous music idol in Spain, who decides to take his life during his first concert of a world tour, in front of his followers. Lázaro, a young food delivery man and fervent follower, sees in this tragedy the opportunity to escape from his monotonous and precarious life. Overnight, he transforms into what he has long admired: a fan of his idol.

Lazarus, the main character of “Fanatic“, adopts his style, his music, his way of life and his fan base. Under pressure from the music industry, which does not want to lose everything he has achieved with the star, Lázaro turns every aspect of his life into a spectacle , even if it means giving up an authentic life.

On the platform of Netflixthe series has the following description: After adopting the life and personality of the singer whom he idolizes, an unconditional fan discovers that being a superstar is not as easy as it seems… Without a doubt “Fanatic” is an excellent option when choosing what to see.

Source: IMDB