The Serpenti with Malika Ayane travel between pessimism and the future with Cassandra

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The electropop sound of Snakes find again in Cassandra the energetic sound connotations of the duo’s first records joining the lyrics and atmospheres that characterize their new musical path. The main theme of the piece concerns the mythological figure of Cassandraa character associated with pessimism conjugated to the future. The voice of Malika Ayaneguest of the song, gives elegant refinement to a theme as ancient as it is current: “You can do worse with the imagination of what is lost or that has run away”.

The snakes, Luca and Gianclaudiatell how the artistic encounter with Malika: “During a dinner we promised to write together (since both Luca and I are authors for other artists) and after a long time we found ourselves thinking of a feat. One day Malika she was with us in the studio and, during a break while we were having a drink, we were telling her about our project to write songs related to mythology and she said … Nice! If you do a piece on Cassandra, I’m there! Not even doing it on purpose, we were just working on the figure of Cassandra … in short, we took her home with encounters, joints and whatsapp “.