The setlist of the Modà concert at the Verona Arena

The one on Thursday 28 September, for Fashionand the final concert of an extraordinary year. The group led by Kekko Silvestre, after presenting leave me in Sanremo last February, he kicked off a tour of festivals and theatres, attracting 90 thousand attendees. Now, all that’s missing is the grand finale.

The Verona concert

At the Verona Arena, Modà will bring a show a little different from their last concerts. They added songs to the setlist, and wanted two exceptional guests: Ale & Franz. “Two comedians in a musical concert may seem strange. Aware that it will be an evening that will also have melancholy implications we wanted to insert a smile” explained Kekko. Modà, after all, are no longer those of pop-rock concerts in stadiums and arenas. Today there is an orchestra accompanying them, and there are spoken moments full of memories and stories.

The ladder

There setlist of the Modà concert at the Verona Arena it was not released. Kekko Silvestre promised surprises, some changes, and even a preview: “At the Verona Arena we will preview our new single for the first time The piece of paper with your nameout Friday, September 29,” he announced on Instagram.

During the last concerts of the Romantico Tour, Modà played the following songs:

People like me
You will never miss the sea
That smile on his face
For a night together
Throughout the universe
What I didn’t tell you (Sorry)
Rock clouds
Heart and wind
Save me
Shooting star
leave me
Carpet of strawberries
Will arrive
The night
Like a painter
Long live the romantics