The setlist of the Pooh concert at the Verona Arena

For three hours, on 29 and 30 September, and on 1 October, Pooh will perform in front of the audience atVerona Arena. After the sold-out concerts in Milan’s San Siro and the Olympic Stadium in Rome, Roby Facchinetti, Dodi Battaglia, Red Canzian and Riccardo Fogli left for a tours sensational from north to south of Italy, between sports halls and theatres.

The return tour

The many sold out stops on the tour give you an idea of ​​how much Pooh are loved. From the old generations, but also from the new ones. The “desire for Pooh“, with those 30 thousand tickets for San Siro sold in a few minutes, pushed the group to plan more and more dates. “Now how can we get off the stage? It would be like taking away ice cream from a child. Indeed, the United States and Canada await us in November”, explained Facchinetti. Meanwhile, Pooh are preparing to take the stage at the Verona Arena for three dates that promise to be memorable.


The official lineup of the Pooh concert in Verona has not been released. However, the order of the songs could be the same as in the last concerts:

Friends forever

I will sing for you

Stay with me

Rolling breathing

Endless days

Where the sun begins (Part I)

Where the Sun Begins (Part II)


The eagle and the hawk

The last night of hunting

Eleonora my mother

Time, a woman, the city

My friend’s woman

The other woman

Being without you

Live in the wind

The two of us in the world and in the soul

My woman

The year, the place, the time

You and me for more days

Infinite us


Parsifal Part 2

come outside

In silence


When a she goes away

I will be born with you

Little Katy



Big hopes

The boy from the sky

Letter from East Berlin

On the other side

Where were you

Orient express

Surprise night

Looking for you

I will think tomorrow

Incredibly down

Wings to see, eyes to fly


Maria Marea


40 springs

Just rumors

Lonely men

I’m alive

We are in danger

So much desire for her

Just give me a minute

If there is a place in your heart


Tell me yes

Who will stop the music