The shipment of weapons to Ukraine still divides the Government and Cinquestelle

The M5S leader Conte once again says ‘no’, responding to the announcement by Defense Minister Crosetto on the sixth incoming decree. Foreign Minister Tajani explains the government’s position

President, sixth shipment of weapons announced by Minister Crosetto. What is your position? They say it will be shared by the whole Parliament.

“We believe that this prospect of escalation leads us to no way out. So we only see an opposition, we only see a prospect of continued sending but no prospect of peace negotiations. Everything was talked about in Ramstein but there was no talk of negotiations or peace. You know our position. We have believed and supported Ukraine for some time but it is clear that after the sendings, Italy has given its thumbs up. Now Italy, in its tradition, must be in the front row to make a contribution to the diplomatic route”.

The question of the Adnkronos journalist, Stefania Marignetti, finds a clear answer from the leader of the Cinquestelle, Giuseppe Conte. The reference is to the position expressed by the Minister of Defence, Guido Crosetto, guest of the Rai 3 program ‘Che tempo che fa’.

“I think things should be explained and shared. I get pulled by the hair, which I don’t have, very often by the newspapers. How come you didn’t make the sixth decree? Things must be done in due time, when they can be done. In recent months, we have discussed a sixth decree that had only one objective: to help the Ukrainians defend themselves against missile attacks that were destroying civilian populations, hospitals, their thermal and electrical power plants. So the sixth decree that is being prepared will exist and I think it will be shared by almost the entire Parliament, by the majority and by the opposition. It will be a decree that gives the Ukrainians the possibility to defend themselves against these air strikes”.

Just as Conte was speaking in Rome, Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani in Brussels explained the position of the Italian government.

“Italy was not interested in this intervention. We have had the vote of Parliament which authorizes the government to send military instruments until the end of this year, subject to parliamentary passage. We will honor the commitments we have made to others. We are talking about the sixth package, we have already made five. Italy has already done its part and will continue to do its part, it being understood that the main objective is to achieve peace”.

In Parliament, however, the majority in favor of armed support for Ukraine should be large. But the pacifist position of the Cinquestelle continues to guarantee a good public consensus and keeps the debate open.

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